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The serveradmin afp setting for it is maxConnections, which by default is set to -1, indicating unlimited. To set this to 500, one would run:

serveradmin settings afp:maxConnections = 500

The second setting to mention is greetings. The default is to send a greeting each time a user connects if one is enabled. I find that just sending the greeting once satisfies the policy most environments would have around such things. I’ve also found that enough environments setup greetings that I’ve had to do this enough times that it’s fresh in my memory. Therefore, to configure, use to setup a greeting and then run the following command:

serveradmin settings afp:sendGreetingOnce = yes

Another thing that many environments are going to want is activity logs. By default these are disabled. To enable:

serveradmin settings afp:activityLog = yes

And the setting for how frequently to roll those activity logs is gone from the GUI as well. To edit that (let’s just set it to 2 weeks instead of the default of 1 week):

serveradmin settings afp:activityLogTime = 14

The checkboxes for each type of activity to log are gone, so to access each (by default these are all enabled, so enabling the activity log turns them all on, therefore we’ll just disable here, even though as it seems the server team is well aware of, if you use one most use all:

serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logOpenFork = no
serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logCreateDir = no
serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logLogin = no
serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logLogout = no
serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logDelete = no
serveradmin settings afp:loggingAttributes:logCreateFile = no

Note: Activity logs are still by IP address rather than userID

Error logs don’t roll (setting of 0), so to set them to do so (again using 14):

serveradmin settings afp:errorLogTime = 14

The disconnect idle users option is also now gone. To enable it:

serveradmin settings afp:idleDisconnectOnOff = yes

This doesn’t edit the tickle time, but then, that was never presented in the GUI anyway (it controls how frequently a client who’s connected via afp checks into the server).  To customize the disconnect message:

serveradmin settings afp:idleDisconnectMsg = "Did you fall asleep there bub?"

And of course, you might need to customize the number of hours before a user is considered idle:

serveradmin settings afp:idleDisconnectTime = 1

To globally disable guest access:

serveradmin settings afp:guestAccess = no

And to allow the root user to log into afp:

serveradmin settings afp:allowRootLogin = yes

Finally, to access the masquerade as a user option for administrative accounts, which I’m not sure I like, but which some do:

serveradmin settings afp:attemptAdminAuth = yes

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