COT is a full-service Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems provider of high definition (HD), IP, digital, indoor and outdoor security cameras.

We have an extensive offering of IP dome, bullet, and auto-tracking PTZ cameras; plus NVRs, mounts, and related accessories.

What Is Video Security?

Visualint’s virtual sensors broaden the scope of what a surveillance system can do. Traditional surveillance captures still images or video footage of events while they happen. Those basic systems rely on physical landmarks like walls, windows, or doors to provide alerts. Visualint creates custom virtual sensors via seven motion-based analytic rules. Using these rules, Visualint can proactively deter potential events or unwanted guests and reduce false positives by up to 97%, so you’ll save time and effort for the work that really matters.

Top-Tier Analytics

Using size-based object tracking instead of light-based motion, Visualint analytics are set up to create precise events using trigger variables, so each camera can distinguish between a small dog, a human, and a vehicle.

Video Monitoring

Visualint cameras were purpose-built to separate false alarms from true emergencies, so they deliver accurate results no matter who’s monitoring your job. Reduced false positives also mean you’ll enjoy a faster police response and lower insurance rates whenever you partner with monitoring professionals.