CLEAR Backup

crashplanproe-logo_wideBacking up your files is a must! Nothing you do with a computer will ever be as important as having a solid backup.

Hard drives fail, it’s a fact of life. When yours does, unless you have a backup, you’ll find yourself facing expensive data recovery services or worse: lost data.

Ideally, your backup system should be twofold. In other words, have at least two backups on two forms of media. At the very least, you should have one copy of your data on a local backup drive and one copy at a remote location.

We can set you up with a local backup in you home or office and an offsite at our location whether you have 1 or 1,000 machines. We use Crash Plan ProE on the backend so you know it’s reliable.

With our managed CLEAR Backup service, your data is safe BEFORE it leaves your Mac or PC. With 448-Bit encryption, it stays encrypted during transmission and wherever its stored. If you ever need your files you can retrieve them with the backup software or access them on the web or from an iOS, Android or Windows device. Click here for our current rates or contact us about how CLEAR Backup can protect you.

Looking for a good unmanaged backup at a lower price point? Check out our partner page for Backblaze.